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the day after shoveling

Ow shit I am fucking sore. Like my whole body, my whole back, is one swollen tight muscle; we’re talking deeply sore.


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CrossFit is Awesome

So, CrossFit is kicking my ass. The past few days, we’ve been doing some hellishly great workouts. I am feeling revved up on hormones and endorphins, and filled with that good sore, all the time.  Since returning from Oregon, I have done four of them, last Wed, Fri, and Mon and Wed.  Four kick ass workouts in the past 8 days!  That makes me feel pretty bad-ass, for a 40 year old desk jockey.

Today, this was our workout: we start with a warm up which includes some marching in place, push-ups, pull-ups, air-squats, and full sit-ups (3 sets of 10 each, broken up by movements), along with some sort of side-to-side dance moves (I’d have to show you) where you swing hands and arms on either side; also some hip and shoulder opening stretches.  Anyway, this “warm-up” lasted about 10 minutes and got my heart rate up near 160.

Then we did the CrossFit workout from Monday.  It’s called “Virtual Shoveling.” Virtual Shoveling was 6 sets — of 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5 reps each — of two exercises.   Each set consists of first the “virtual shoveling” exercise (see the official video here) and then push-ups, same number of reps each. So, that was another 105 pushups on top of the first 30, plus this crazy shoveling thing. I used a 35 lb long bar and a 15 lb olympic weight (same shape and size as 45, but thinner; a rubberized disk). This hellish workout took me about 14m20s. Then, warmdown for about 20 minutes.

I stopped my heart rate monitor after 55 minutes, so it included a few minutes of rest between “warm-up” and “workout,” and about 20 minutes of laying around stretching. STILL: the average HR was 148 and the max was 189. OW.


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