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“Partners in Crime.” PUC Day 30.

Woke up rough, after only 5 1/2 hours of sleep. No more. Goal for this upcoming week: eat right, sleep right. Still made it to the 9:00 am CrossFit Asheville class for the great skill work and Saturday partner WOD.

Warm Up

Agility Runs. Shoulder dislocates. Sampson stretches, hip openers. Push ups (15). Overhead Squats (15). Pull-Ups (10, dead hang). Side Plank Rolls (10).

Skill work:

Rope Climb intermixed with cartwheel/round-off practice for 10 minutes.

I almost got my cartwheel today! By the end of practice I was doing them in series.

I also discovered that I can kick up into a freestanding handstand, but I have trouble finding balance, and will almost every time fall all the way over onto my back. Thank goodness for the springy gymnastics floor!

I did three rope ascents, foot assisted of course. Others were practicing using only their arms, but I’m not there yet. Nevertheless, I feel like a million bucks, because only a few months ago, when confronted by the rope, I was very intimidated, and couldn’t even ascend past about 1/3 of the distance. The pull-ups must be helping. The weight loss has certainly helped. I am 40 years old and have finally conquered an exercise that was always beyond reach for me, when growing up.

WOD: “Partners in Crime”

Work as a team to complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
One person runs 400m while the other partner completes as many rounds as possible of the following:
7 dumbbell thrusters (M-30lbs, W-20lbs)
8 sand/heavy bag cleans
10 ball slams
Example: If partner A starts on the run partner B performs as many rounds of the 3 exercises as possible until partner A returns from the run. Immediately note rounds andtotal reps of uncompleted round of partner B before B heads out on the run and A begins the exercises. Repeat for 20 minutes. Total combined completion of rounds at the end of 20 minutes.

My partner was one of the newer members, Seth. He’s a mechanic, so I suggested we call our team “Team Machine.” I used 25 lb dumbbells (for a 50 lb total on the Thrusters) and we used the 50 lb sandbag and a 12 lb medicine ball.

Matt: 5 runs, and 5 full rounds plus extra reps equivalent to a total of 6 rounds + 11 reps.
Seth: 5 runs, and 5 full rounds plus 5 extra reps.
Giving us a total of 11 rounds and 16 reps.

A fun workout. Seth and I worked hard. The runs were outside in the sun. I was drenched in sweat at the end.


We did the “full Randy” today. Someday I will describe this stretching routine. It’s pretty good, and I feel better for doing it.

Pull-Up Challenge Day 30

I did my first reps during the warm-up, but I forgot how many. Then I did three more reps after the workout. I know I did at least 12 reps total at the workout, so I’m going to reckon it as 12.

The rest of the reps will be much later today.

Reps #1-12: At CrossFit Asheville during the warm up and after the WOD.
Reps #13-17: Set of 5, failed on 6th rep. Front grip. 7:15 pm.
Reps #18-22: Set of 5. Wide reverse grip. 7:30 pm.
Reps #23-26: Set of 4. Wide front grip. 7:45 pm.
Reps #27-30: Set of 4. Wide reverse grip. 8:00 pm.

That’s it! Day 31 of the PUC comes on Monday.

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“Healthy Chief.” PUC Day 19.

Decent sleep, but only about 6 hours. 1 block breakfast and coffee. Feeling pretty good. AM weigh in: 183.5. Headed to 6:00 am CrossFit Asheville Workout.

Warm Up

Judo/Martial Arts Warm Ups. Hip Mobility / Sampsons. Then: 1 round of 15 reps of: Hindu Pushups, Supermans, Shotguns, Squats.

Strength Work: Deadlift

Find 3-rep max of “Healthlift” (aka, deadlift).

Results: 5 x 135
3 x 185
3 x 225
3 x 255
3 x 275 (PR for 3?)

WOD: “Chief”

WOD: 3 separate rounds of:
3 minute AMRAP of 3 power cleans (135 Rx’d), 6 push ups, 9 squats.
Each round followed by a 1 minute rest. (Total workout time: 11 minutes).

I used 105# for the Power Cleans. Results:
3 rounds & 3 cleans & 3 pushups
4 rounds
3 rounds & 3 cleans & 5 pushups.

Freaking awesome workout. I was drenched in sweat and collapsed on the floor afterward.

Pull-Up Challenge Day 19

I completed all my reps between 6:45 and 7:45 pm, in six sets, spaced every 10 minutes or so:
Reps #1-4: Set of 4. Failed on 5th. Reverse grip.
Reps #5-7: Set of 3. Failed on 4th. Front grip.
Reps #8-10: Reverse grip.
Reps #11-13: Front grip.
Reps #14-16: Reverse grip.
Reps #17-19: Front grip. Nearly failed on 3rd rep.

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“Bear Hug.” PUC Day 11.

Decent sleep, from 11:45 pm to 5:00 am. Obviously, not enough sleep. I need to do better there. It’s forcing myself to go to bed early that is tough. One block breakfast. Then, the 6:00 am CrossFit Asheville workout.

Warm Up

Basic Agility drills; shoulder dislocates; hip-mobility stretches; 1 round of: Push-ups, Sit-ups, Squats, Pull-Ups. I did 12 reps. For the pull ups, the first three were unassisted dead hangs. Then we did minimal warm-ups of the “Bear Complex.”

“Bear Hug”

Today the CFAsheville WOD was called first “What a Bear,” and then “Bear Country,” and then finally, “Bear Hug.” Whatever… it’s a killer workout.

3 rounds of:

5 cycles of the “Bear Complex” (Power Clean, Front Squat, Push Press, Back Squat, Push Press) followed immediately by

1 set of max reps pull-ups, using assistance bands if necessary to ensure a minimum of 15 reps per round.

Rest as needed between rounds (3-5 minutes). Work to increase weight for the bear cycle each round. Post max weight used for bear complex and total number of pull-ups.

For this workout Rustan Adcock and I used the same bar set up, at 80# first round, 90# second round, 100# third round. For my pull-up rounds, using a 2 band combo of small band and mini band, I got 20 reps, 22 reps, 15 reps. It’s an extremely challenging (and in retrospect, fun) workout. During the last (fifth) cycle of the final Bear Complex I was quivering though it—technically, I failed the first of the two push-presses—and I just did what I could with the pull-ups. This workout technically gets posted as: 100# bear complex, 57 pull-ups.

Pull-Up Challenge Day 11

Reps #1-2: Front Grip. 5:30 am at home.

Reps #3-4: Reverse Grip. 5:45 am at home.

Reps #5-6: Front Grip. 6:15 am at the workout.

Rep #7: Reverse Grip. 6:18 am at the workout.

Reps #8-10: Set of 3. Failed on rep 4. Front Grip. 6:10 pm at home.

Rep #11: Reverse Grip. 6:15 pm at home.

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