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“Primrose Hill.” PUC Day 15 & 16. Biking in London.

Warm Up

A light bike ride to the gym, and then, having dropped off my stuff, from the gym to the bottom of Primrose Hill, which is the north end of Regent’s Park in London. I made my way to an exercise area called “Trim Trail,” which is a place with permanent installations for pull-ups and many other body weight only exercises. Very nice adult playgym equipment. Personal trainers bring clients there.

Once there I did some sit ups (15), push ups (15), and squats (15), and did hamstring, calf, and hip mobility stretches.

Primrose Hill: The WOD

11 Dead Hang Pull Ups. Take as long as you need.
Sprint up Primrose Hill.
10 Dead Hang Pull-Ups
Sprint up Primrose Hill
10 Dead Hang Pull-Ups
Sprint up Primrose Hill

My results: I got my dead hangs, including one SET OF 5, two sets of 4, two of three, and a couple twos, and a bunch of ones. They took a long time, relative to my normal workouts. Sprint times: 1:50, 1:58, 1:58.

For the record, the Sprint was about 500 meters and includes an approximately 100 foot elevation. It’s burly.

When I finished the whole workout I did another set of 15 pushups for good measure.

Pull-Up Challenge Days 15 and 16

I missed yesterday’s pull-ups, so today I did two days worth. And I combined them with the workout.

See: 15 + 16 = 31.

Biking in London

Heck, I rode my bike for about 3 hours straight today in London, from 4:00 to 7:00 pm, and I also rode it prior to this time. I probably covered 20 miles. Obviously, I was stopping and starting a lot. It was totally awesome. What a great way to sightsee.

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“Camden Roundabout.” PUC Day 14.

WOD: repair a bike, do some sprints, do pull ups, and box jumps, for “time.”

I borrowed Guy’s (Guy is cousin Adi’s boyfriend) broken down “Chicago” brand bike. Fixed the rear brake last night. Then today, walked it up to a petrol station and filled the tires. Then I rode the bike in Camden, up and down Hampstead Hill street. At the bottom of my ride I found a shuttered children’s playground, with swing-sets that had no swings. I did my first set of pull-ups there (3). Then I rode the bike up the hill and into Hampstead Heath. Amazing, wonderful parkland. I did some sprints (20 sec on, 20 sec off, 40 sec on, 20 sec on off) for about 5 minutes. Then, at a small sports pitch, I did the remainder of my pull-ups on a really insufficient little shelter. The pull-up bar was a 1/4″ steel blade. I wrapped my sweatshirt on it. It wasn’t full height so I had to have my legs up. I alternated max sets of pull-ups with sets of 20 box jumps, until I hit my PUC numbers. (I did about 115 good box jumps). Then, I did 20 sit-ups (one set), 20 push-ups (1 set), and 20 squats (1 set). Then some more sprinting and jogging, and rode the bike back to Belsize Park.

On to the tourism! Hopefully, I’ll be adding another 20 miles or so on a bike today. And a few miles of walking, most likely, as yesterday.

Tomorrow AM I will purchase a day pass to a local gym I found, and do today’s official CrossFit WOD (consisting of increasing distances on a rower, alternating with body weight bench presses). RADICAL. It will feel good to get in a proper CrossFit WOD. Then I can perhaps finish up the workout by doing by 15 pull-ups.

Pull-Up Challenge Day 14

Reps #1-3: Reverse grip. At a children’s park. About 8:15 am.

Reps #4-6: Front grip. At a shelter in Hampstead Heath. About 8:30 am. (+15 box jumps)

Reps #6-8: Reverse grip. At a shelter in HH. 8:35 am. (+ 20 box jumps)

Reps #9-10: Front grip. Shelter (+20 box jumps)

Reps #11-14: Sets of one each. Alternating grips. One every minute or so. (+ 3 sets of 20 box jumps)


In the afternoon, I acquired a better bike. AWESOME. I rode this bike all around London. I mean, all over the place. I probably rode 10 miles at least. What great exercise and what a way to see the city. I probably spent at least 2 hours riding the thing. Yeah, it’s “L.S.D.” training (Long, Slow, Distance) but it’s training. And it burns calories. It’ll help keep me honest while I am here.

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Travel Day. In London. Resting.

Currently tired and jet-lagged from my flight. About to take a nap. This morning I took a walk in Primrose Hill with uncle Gadi. Very interesting. Beautiful to see the city from there. I will soon visit more. But until then, rest.

After the nap, I turned the day into an “active rest” day, with about 4 miles of walking in Belsize Park, Hampstead, and the Hampstead Heath. London is a cool city.

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day of recuperation

Today I am just handling paperwork and other things I need to do around the house. I am going out of town next week — a short trip to London, believe it or not, to run a family related errand for my elderly mother-in-law — and my workout schedule promises to be a bit disrupted. I am checking out the possibility of getting in a personal training session with the London CrossFit guru Andrew Stemler. Pricey but it could be fun. And I’m planning some runs and some various body weight workouts in the parks. I am hoping I can find someplace to do pull-ups to keep up with my pull-up challenge.

Looking ahead to the workout schedule for the next week:

– Friday (5/15): Workout at CrossFit Asheville at 6:00 am; Pull-Up Challenge day 12; 5k run in the evening with Rustan.

– Saturday (5/16): Workout at CrossFit Asheville at 9:00 am; PUC day 13 (must be completed before I leave for Charlotte at 1:30).

– Sunday (5/17). In London. Day of rest.

– Monday (5/18). In London. Sprinting / Body Weight workout in the Hampstead Heath. PUC Day 14.

— Tuesday (5/19). Personal training session with Stemler? Or workout in Regent’s Park in London. PUC Day 15.

– Wednesday (5/20). Workout with Stemler? or in Regent’s Park; PUC Day 16.

– Thursday (5/21). Day of Rest? or, more likely extensive walking about in London? in any case a day off the PUC.

– Friday (5/22). Travel to NC, arrive home by 5:00 pm. No workout, but, PUC Day 17, which I will do at home.

– Saturday (5/23). 9:00 am workout at CrossFit Asheville. PUC Day 18. And I’ll be back on my regular training regimen.

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