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Travel Day. In London. Resting.

Currently tired and jet-lagged from my flight. About to take a nap. This morning I took a walk in Primrose Hill with uncle Gadi. Very interesting. Beautiful to see the city from there. I will soon visit more. But until then, rest.

After the nap, I turned the day into an “active rest” day, with about 4 miles of walking in Belsize Park, Hampstead, and the Hampstead Heath. London is a cool city.

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day of recuperation

Today I am just handling paperwork and other things I need to do around the house. I am going out of town next week — a short trip to London, believe it or not, to run a family related errand for my elderly mother-in-law — and my workout schedule promises to be a bit disrupted. I am checking out the possibility of getting in a personal training session with the London CrossFit guru Andrew Stemler. Pricey but it could be fun. And I’m planning some runs and some various body weight workouts in the parks. I am hoping I can find someplace to do pull-ups to keep up with my pull-up challenge.

Looking ahead to the workout schedule for the next week:

– Friday (5/15): Workout at CrossFit Asheville at 6:00 am; Pull-Up Challenge day 12; 5k run in the evening with Rustan.

– Saturday (5/16): Workout at CrossFit Asheville at 9:00 am; PUC day 13 (must be completed before I leave for Charlotte at 1:30).

– Sunday (5/17). In London. Day of rest.

– Monday (5/18). In London. Sprinting / Body Weight workout in the Hampstead Heath. PUC Day 14.

— Tuesday (5/19). Personal training session with Stemler? Or workout in Regent’s Park in London. PUC Day 15.

– Wednesday (5/20). Workout with Stemler? or in Regent’s Park; PUC Day 16.

– Thursday (5/21). Day of Rest? or, more likely extensive walking about in London? in any case a day off the PUC.

– Friday (5/22). Travel to NC, arrive home by 5:00 pm. No workout, but, PUC Day 17, which I will do at home.

– Saturday (5/23). 9:00 am workout at CrossFit Asheville. PUC Day 18. And I’ll be back on my regular training regimen.

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