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Gravity and Grace

Sleep was decent, from about 10:30 pm to 6:00 am, with a brief interruption, which I can’t even remember, from Lena waking. Coffee w/ milk. 2 block breakfast. Some housework, then off to the 9:00 am CrossFit Asheville class.


Hamstring and calf stretching. Agility running, crawling, etc. Shoulder dislocates. Sampson stretching, hip mobility. Push-ups, Pull-ups, Side Plank Rolls, Overhead Squats.

Skill Work

Spent about 10 minutes working on aspects of the Muscle Up. I am far from achieving this. I mainly worked on my false grip on the Olympic rings, with help from Randy, especially by doing negatives.

WOD: Grace

Grace is 30 clean and jerks, for time.
Rx’d weights: 135# for men, 95# for women

To warm up for my Grace I did various aspects of the clean and jerk with a 20 kg bar, and then added a few kgs for a few reps. In the end, I decided to use 45 kg, which is 99 lbs. It seemed like plenty. Shanna said, if I could beat 5 minutes with it, then next time I could add more weight. Guess I’ll go to 50 kgs for my next Grace!

Results: 4:48, w/ 45 kgs..

I love it. Love it. Gravity is a harsh mistress, and Grace is her handmaiden.

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Active Rest. PUC Postponed. Ring Play.

Active Rest and Recovery

I think I knew by 11:30 pm last night that I wasn’t going to make the 6:00 am workout at CrossFit Asheville today. I definitely knew at 5:20 am when my alarm went off. The past two days of Olympic lifting (Overhead Squats and Snatches) along with or incorporated into hard-ass MetCon workouts—plus my Pull-Ups at home—have left me feeling like I need the extra rest (this is similar to last Wednesday, except then I went in to the 6:00 am workout anyway, and just did the warm-up and some rowing). So I turned off the alarm and slept in until 8:30 am! Thank you Yael, for letting me sleep. Summer is awesome!

Today I did not work out, but I did do a lot of physical work. I was putting in nice horse-stall flooring in my basement workshop area… where my pull-up bar is. The heavy 3/4″ rubber mats I have been installing — I finally finished today ! — are wicked heavy. It was a dirty, sweaty day, and quite active overall. I also ate far less than usual.

Pull-Up Challenge Day 26 — Postponed

I’ll do day 26 tomorrow, on my regularly scheduled rest day. Today I really needed the recovery.

Ring Play

After Lena’s bedtime was over, I couldn’t resist playing around in my newly cleaned and organized workshop with my pull up bar, resistance bands, and recently acquired gymnastics rings. I did some band assisted pull-ups with the rings, band assisted handstands and handstand pushups, and band-assisted L-pull-ups with the rings. And a few dips. Just messing around, really.

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