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Rest Active: Walk, Run and Eat

Stayed up too late and was driven to bed too early. My legs are sore today from yesterday’s sprinting and box-jumps. I would gladly have laid around all day with no activity at all. But it was not to be. My old running partner from Chicago grad school days, Alexander Mawyer, is visiting us with his family in tow, and when you have visitors, it’s always an active time.

Short Walking Tour of Asheville Downtown

And so we spent the morning, after a leisurely breakfast, doing a walking tour of downtown Asheville, about 1.6 miles up and down the hill.

Jogging the Dog Slide 5k

Then, when we got back, Alex insisted on taking me out for a “run,” so I insisted on the Dog Slide 5k Route. I felt incredibly able and light on my feet during this very slow run. To keep things interesting, I worked on my pose running techniques, and also threw in some carioca steps, some wall jumps, and some backwards jogging. Really the “run” was a “jog” because our time was about 34 minutes.

… and Eat

This was a day of moving from meal to meal. A day of treats and feasts. Between the focus on eating, and the rainy weather, it was Sunday on a Thursday. The only letdown was that Friday then becomes… a Mental Monday.

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Hands and Pulls. Chamber Challenge 5k. PUC Day 27.

Went to bed late again, woke up super early, after only about 5 hours of sleep, but feeling OK. Yesterday, thanks to two heavy high-grav beers in the evening, I had way too many carbs and just over 3000 calories… and the scale says I’m up about a pound for the week. I’ve been eating more than I should, I guess. Post workout and steam weigh in: 183 lbs.

One block breakfast, then off to the 6:00 am workout at CrossFit Asheville.

Warm Up

Agility drills, Sampson, Hip-Mobility, etc., Overhead Squats w/ PVC, Good Mornings, Clapping Pushups. I skipped the kipping swings and the pistols this morning.

Skill Work

Practicing handstands. Mine isn’t very good and I have nothing much to report today as far as progress. Shanna had us doing the “tripod” head/handstand (not too easy!) and I also did a few against the wall and using a resistance band assist. I cannot do a straightforward handstand yet, let alone a handstand push-up.

WOD: Pull-Ups on the Minute

1 Pull up every minute on the minute
Start off with one pull up on the first minute. On the second minute do two pullups, one the third minute do three, and so on. Complete the max rounds of pullups in a single minute. Once you fail, that will be your final round.

Dead Hangs: x1 / x2 / x3 / x4 / x1
Medium (Green) Band Assisted: x4 / x6 / x7 / x8 / x9 / x10 / x11 / x8, fail, over.

Chamber Challenge 5k

The race started at 4:30 pm. I made sure I got good rest, hydration, and nutrition. I rode my bike to GreenLife before the event, had some coffee, and met up with Rustan and the others at the crowded Chamber of Commerce parking lot.

The race was serious fun. I ran as one of a four person team of Asheville CrossFitters: the team includes Tom Rehm, Rustan Adcock (our mastermind), and CrossFit Asheville coach Shanna Duvall (our secret weapon). The way the team 5k worked is that we all ran separately, and our individual times were added up for a team score (timing is by RFID chip). They also published finish times. I knew we could certainly beat 100 minutes… we actually did better than 91. I was hoping for a sub 25 minute run myself, but I beat my last PR decisively, with 23:19 (88th place). I was third on our team. Shanna had 20:48 (I think, 31st place, 4th overall female). Rustan had 21:48 (I think, 51st place). Tom had 24:58 (I think 146th place).

After the 5k, the sweetest words in the English language: “free beer.”

See here for details, and here for the map.

Pull-Up Challenge Day 27, Part I

My first 11 reps were during the WOD (thanks Shanna!). But I can’t finish them today after the 5k.

I’ll do the rest of the reps tomorrow along with day 28 (44 total for the day). Results posted later!

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5k, PUC Day 5

Two low calorie days in a row. Decent sleep last night (over 7 hours). 3 block breakfast. Health in general is good.

5k Run, “The Dog Slide.”

Today my own WOD is: 5k for time.

My route is “The Dog Slide”, which is a run I like to do in North Asheville.

Prior to the run I did the following warm up: one dead hang pull-up; 7 minutes of 40 second on, 20 seconds off jump-rope; then one round of: pushups, situps, 1.25″ band assist pull-ups, air squats (12 reps each); then hip mobility stretch, calves stretch.

I completed this run starting just after 2:00 pm. Time: 25:09. Average HR: 172; max: 185.

This time is an 8 second improvement over my last 5k time, in the “Mineral City 5k”, which I ran 10 days ago on April 25th.

I am totally pumped about that!

Pull-Up Challenge Day 5

Once again, today I was able to do my day’s allotment of unassisted “dead hang” pull-ups. Five reps today. Six tomorrow!

Reps #1-2: at about 11:30 am, done in one set, with reverse u-grip, closely spaced.

Reps #3-4: at about 1:00 pm, done in one set, with front u-grip, shoulder width spacing.

Rep #5: at about 1:50 pm, with front u-grip, shoulder with spacing.

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Mineral City 5k, April 25th 2009

I ran the Mineral City 5k yesterday afternoon (website). I did reasonably well! My time was 25:17, and more importantly, I came in FIRST in my age group (40-44). Yes, that’s right. I won! Of course, it’s a small race, and my time was like, 7 minutes slower than the fastest time that day. And my buddy Jody Kuhne came in second in the 35 to 39 age group, but handily beat me (as usual) by about 45 seconds… suggesting that next year, I’ll at best come in second in my age group at this race.

But none of that changes yesterday. I beat every other runner of those aged 40 to 44 in my race. For a trophy? I got a mug.


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“The Dog Slide:” A 5k Run in Near North Asheville

This is the route I usually practice my 5k on. It leaves from my house and ends up with about a 1/2 mile walk.

Description in words: from 41 Elizabeth Pl. to Elizabeth St to Broadway to Weaver, to Merrimon at the Mojo Cafe; go around to Merrimon / Murdock, then up Murdock to Hillside; go up Hillside to Madison; go straight up Madison to Chestnut, and down Chestnut to Merrimon. 5k.

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