Rebuilding Sites (Rest Day)

I’ve been trying to listen to my body lately. And this morning, when I got out of bed, it was telling me it needed 24 more hours to recover and rebuild from yesterday’s WOD (and last week’s fullness).

I am so sore today: especially my traps and lats and other upper back muscles. I guess it was the hang power cleans (30 reps total is a lot of work) combined with the pull-ups and squats. A tiredness and soreness aggravated by the 600 pounds of concrete I emptied out of my truck on a run to the dump.

I ate a lot of food yesterday and plan to eat more today. “Not too much,” to paraphrase Michael Pollan. But enough to help rebuild all the broken down sites on my body.

I’ll be going down to CrossFit Asheville to help them with the re-installation of the blog later today. I hope that goes OK!

I guess that means my WOD is: team install a custom WP site, for time.

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