I heard coach Randy complaining today that nobody stretches anymore. I think he’s right. Before this post, there has been very little mention of the word “Stretching” in this blog. Maybe one or two earlier posts.

Sometimes we stretch after the WOD. Sometimes I stretch in the steamroom. Sometimes I stretch at home on my Yoga mat or on a little circular rug I have by the TV. But not enough.

I’ll try to record it here when I do stretch and let’s see what happens.


Tuesday, about 8:00 pm. I did some Yoga style seated, twisting, and hamstring stretching and also some squat therapy. I experimented with a small gauge rubber resistance band as an aide to stretching. The band can be wrapped around a table leg and you can squat deeply and use the band to balance. You can also do great shoulder dislocates and shoulder opening stretching with the small band.


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