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WOD: nine hour fast in airplane seat. PUC Day 17, part I.

Travel Day

I can’t see calling this a “rest day” since I traveled several thousand miles on foot, subways, train, plane, and car. Most of the day was spent crammed into a narrow plane seat in a “stress position.” And I had only 3 hours of sleep. And had been out late drinking at the Camden Head pub. And I was fasting (between 5:00 am and what would be 10:00 pm I had only one protein bar and about a 1/2 oz of chicken and a few slices of carrot). While driving home I stopped and picked up BBQ pork and Chicken. It’s good to be back in the South.

Since getting home, hanging out with Yael and Lena, and relaxing, I’ve begun to get some rest, and have eaten some food.

Pull Up Challenge Day 17, Part I

Unfortunately, I couldn’t fit all the pull-ups in. I was just too tired. But I did do three sets of 3. So I’ll do 8+18 tomorrow (26 pull ups, yeah).

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