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PUC Day 10. 15k Bike Ride.

School responsibilities (a curriculum workshop from 9:00 to 2:00) will keep me away from CrossFit Asheville today. It’s too bad, since they will be doing strength work and a super fun 12 minute AMRAP.

I got about 6.5 hours of sleep, interrupted at 2:00-3:00 am by Lena. As of 8:00 am I am off to a slow start on the food front, just drinking coffee at the moment.

Pull-Up Challenge Day 10

I wasn’t feeling ready in the morning, so I started after work.

Reps #1-4: Set of 4!! Reverse grip. Completed at about 3:15 pm.

Reps #5-7: Set of 3! Front grip. Completed about 4:00 pm.

Reps #8-10: Set of 3! Reverse grip. Completed about 6:30 pm.

15k Bike Ride

My own personal WOD: 15k Bike Ride, for time.

I started this ride at about 4:15. I completed the ride in 51:29.

Route of the Town Mountain 15k bike ride:

The first 3/5 of this ride involves an approximately 800 foot climb up Old Toll Road and Town Mountain Road.


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