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Rest Day. Full Stop.

I pulled an all nighter last night, to finish my grading for the semester. Didn’t go to bed until 5:45 am. At least I wasn’t drinking heavily. I had once 4 oz. glass of wine (split in two servings… I am so extremely moderate) between 6:30 and 9:30 pm, and one shot of whiskey, to stave off a sore throat and fuel my mental madness, about 3:00 am. Then three hours of “sleep,” until 9:00 am. Now, it barely needs saying: I am a wreck.

Rest Day.

Today is my normally scheduled rest day. As it happens, the timing of end of semester lined up nicely with my training schedule. It also happens to be a CrossFit Mothership Rest Day. Yes, it’s nice when they line up.

The CrossFit Asheville WOD for today is the Benchmark “Elizabeth”, one of the original five “girls.” It’s power cleans (135#) and ring dips. I am sorry to miss a benchmark “girls” workout. In CrossFit it’s important to get that data on paper and track your progress.

Full Stop.

But rest days are more important. It’s about recovery and growth. I am really going to rest, no exceptions, today. No big walks. No warm ups. No active anything. No pull-up reps. No contact with other people until the late afternoon (then it can’t be avoided). I will spend a lot of time lying in bed with a book. I hope my muscles and other tissues take this opportunity to repair nicely.

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