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5k, PUC Day 5

Two low calorie days in a row. Decent sleep last night (over 7 hours). 3 block breakfast. Health in general is good.

5k Run, “The Dog Slide.”

Today my own WOD is: 5k for time.

My route is “The Dog Slide”, which is a run I like to do in North Asheville.

Prior to the run I did the following warm up: one dead hang pull-up; 7 minutes of 40 second on, 20 seconds off jump-rope; then one round of: pushups, situps, 1.25″ band assist pull-ups, air squats (12 reps each); then hip mobility stretch, calves stretch.

I completed this run starting just after 2:00 pm. Time: 25:09. Average HR: 172; max: 185.

This time is an 8 second improvement over my last 5k time, in the “Mineral City 5k”, which I ran 10 days ago on April 25th.

I am totally pumped about that!

Pull-Up Challenge Day 5

Once again, today I was able to do my day’s allotment of unassisted “dead hang” pull-ups. Five reps today. Six tomorrow!

Reps #1-2: at about 11:30 am, done in one set, with reverse u-grip, closely spaced.

Reps #3-4: at about 1:00 pm, done in one set, with front u-grip, shoulder width spacing.

Rep #5: at about 1:50 pm, with front u-grip, shoulder with spacing.

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