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Rest Day; Pull-Up Challenge (PUC) Day 3

Rest Day

In my training schedule, today is a “rest day.” It happens also to be a “rest day” on the main CrossFit site, but our rest days only line up once in a while. Yesterday on the main site it was a new “hero” workout named for Daniel Hansen. There is a chance that our workout tomorrow will incorporate elements of this workout (with the exception of the Glute-Ham Sit-Up, for which we lack equipment). I’ll let you know.

So, a rest day. Today I’m enjoying a day dedicated to recovery. I am eating very little food, trying to recover from overeating yesterday, and trying not to screw with my weekly weigh-in. And I am working on grading my papers. It feels good because they are FINAL papers. Summer is coming in.

Pull-Up Challenge Day 3

This is day three of the pull-up challenge I announced yesterday.

I knocked out my 3 pull-ups today in only two sets. One front (regular) u-grip pull-up in the first set, and two consecutive reverse u-grip pull-ups in the second.

Yes you read correctly: I actually did two unassisted pull-ups in a row today. It’s been 11 years

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