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Pull-Up Challenge

Status Quo with Pull-Ups

Here’s the deal with my pull-ups.

I am 6’2″ / 189 lbs / 40 y.o., and was never any good at pull-ups. Pull-ups are my weakest CrossFit related exercise. Pull-ups were were the weakest link in my “Tabata Something Else” yesterday.

At the gym these days I use a rubber-band to assist me through all workouts that call for pull-ups. And I’ve been saying for a while that I wasn’t really progressing with them. I want change.

It happens that, at home I also have a home pull-up bar of my own making. And some bands. At present I can do about 10 pull ups with a small (1.25″) assistance band.

A Pull-Up Challenge

To my surprise, yesterday I did a dead hang pull-up on my bar at home. So today I again did one. And later I did another one.

It’s my home brew Pull-Up Challenge. Tomorrow I will do 3. On up to as many days as I have access to a pull up, or 100, whichever comes first.


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Saturday WOD — Carrier Park

I had strong nutrition yesterday, followed by a good night’s sleep, of about 7 hours, with plenty of coffee and a 2.5 block breakfast. Then I hooked up with the CrossFit Asheville Crew (Shanna, Corey, Corey H, Evan, Dan, Katie, Tom, and a couple of others) at Carrier Park in West Asheville for a Saturday morning throwdown.

We did agility drills, followed by 2 rounds of Pushups (12), Situps (12), Squats (12 — second round overhead). Then hip mobility stretches, and practice one arm dumbbell power snatches.

The WOD: 10 rounds for time of

LEFT cloverleafs,
14 x one arm DB power snatch (7 reps each / alternating arms) (I used 20#)
RIGHT cloverleafs
30′ Walking Lunges

My time: 17’56”

I powered through this workout and came in first… largely because I used 20# weights; the other guys used 25#, 30#, and even 45#. I did one set of 14 with the 45# when I was done. I can do them, but it would have taken me 40 minutes to do this WOD. I’ll have to think about that for next time.

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