A Different “Betsy,” Randy’s “Betsy”

Randy sprang one on our group today called “Betsy,” not to be confused with the “Betsy” I made up and we did on Jan 1st this year. This one is named after a Betsy who works out at our gym. Her birthday today.

5 rounds for time of:
20 Kettlebell Swings (I used 35 lbs)
1 Rope Climb (or, if you fail at that, 10 pull ups… I failed at it 5 times so each round I did 1/2 rope climb then 10 pull ups)
20 Sandbag Lunges (Randy says the sandbag weighs 50 lbs!)

This workout took me 29:10 to complete. I felt like a complete slug. And I am in pain now. But one of our coaches did it in 9:45 or something.

For more detail and photos see: CrossFit Asheville



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