Deadlifts #1 (Matt)

Yesterday we did a heavy weight day. This is a much less painful and potentially very satisfying workout, since it doesn’t leave you wanting to puke and you get to impress yourself with how much weight you can move around.

After a pretty much standard warmup, we practiced deadlift form with 95# olympic bars. Then we did about three sets of five to three reps each with 115# to 155#.

Then the workout: about seven sets of one rep each. We were trying to increase the weights for the first three or four sets, then max out and work our max from sets five to seven. But we didn’t find our max until the last two sets.

Most of us had a different max point. The highest among our morning crew was coach Randy, at 345#. Tom, a stout and short fellow, surprised us all with his 305#. But I surprised myself most of all, with my personal record max weight o 265#.

That’s a lot of weight. I feel awesome today.

I like the method a lot. So, before my shower at the gym, I also did weight assisted dips and weight assisted pull ups on the gravitron, 7 sets of 1 rep each, with weight assist ranging from 100 down to 60 pounds. That took all of 10 minutes and I think it will help build towards greater facility with the body weight exercises.


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