A Beachin’ Summer

End of May: Emerald Isle, NC Gull Cottage West, 7 days and nights. Awesome fun. Lots of partying, good eating, talking, running and exercising. I began to renew my Yoga practice.

Beginning of June: Maui, Napili Kai Beach Resort, 14 days and nights. WOW. Dad and John Chun and I did some surfing, too, at Launiupoko Beach Park; I got in four sessions there. Not a lot, but John’s 7 week old and 2 year old, and my own 15 month old, and what with the additional fact that Dad is about 65 and John and I are both near 40, it’s enough!

Mid-June to the Present: Arch Cape, OR, “The Baldwin’s at Arch Cape.” This has been a great time, although sometimes the weather has been gray and windy. I’ve been surfing a bunch of times so far, and have gotten in a couple of sessions of ocean kayaking. The choice location for North Coast Oregon surfing is Oswald West State Park, a place called Short Sand Beach (aka Short Sands). We are having a blast here, Yael and Lena and I, hanging out with family and friends. T
here’s less time for reading and writing than I’d like, but I am getting some stuff done. I sent in a book proposal this week, and sent off the LAA 121 readers to Peggy, and I am updating my web pages. But yeah, this summer it’s mostly about fun with the fam and in the waves!



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3 responses to “A Beachin’ Summer

  1. Seth Clark

    Well, sounds like your being a real son of a beach this summer! I’m glad your having sun-fun because the Hill is about to hit again and I’m rather excited about it!

  2. Matthew C. Baldwin

    you mean sun of a beach…

  3. Seth C.

    Haha, what was I thinking when I wrote that? I should of learned better proof reading than that by now. I’m just ready to start and I hope you didn’t take any offense because none was intended! Thanks, Dr. Baldwin!

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